Episode 3

Published on:

7th Nov 2019

What Does Success Look Like

In this episode of the Constant Smiles podcast, we take to the sea. That’s right, co-hosts, Dr. Rich Constantine and Elijah Desmond have swapped their offices for the Smiles at Sea cruise where they give a keynote speech to some of the leaders in the dentistry industry.

The duo explains the concept behind Constant Smiles, the reasons they decided to do the podcast and the types of guests they want on in the future.

As Rich puts it, there are two different types of successful people. Those who live in chaos and are stressed out all the time and those who are just happy where they are, knowing that their hard work will pay off, and they enjoy the journey.

The Constant Smile podcast is all about learning from the latter. We want to understand how they live in the now, stay focused and keep smiling so we can all do the same too.

As Elijah puts it: #JustKeepSmiling

In this episode find out about:

  • The concept behind the Constant Smiles podcast
  • The type of guests Rich and Elijah want on the podcast
  • What success looks like to Elijah
  •  The ‘Smile on Cancer’ charity and Elijah’s motivational concerts
  • The celebrities they would love to have on the show

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Constant Smiles
A video podcast focused on lifestyle and dentistry!
What if the true measure of success was happiness, and that stress was just an illusion?

Join Dr. Rich Constantine, Elijah Desmond and a myriad of interesting and inspiring guests as they share some of the daily practices they use to help them succeed in all facets of life.

Listen, laugh, and learn as co-hosts Rich and Elijah, and their guests, share their favorite stories, jokes and music to bring you “Constant Smiles".

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