Episode 5

Published on:

21st Feb 2020

Make Mistakes and Reap the Rewards with Scott Warner

This episode of the Constant Smiles podcast is a special one – it’s the first episode with a guest... and what a guest!

Sharing everything from his favourite throwback track to advice for future CEOs, Elijah Constantine and Dr Rich Constantine are joined by Scott Warner. Scott is the CEO of Gigg, a serial entrepreneur, restaurant owner, social media guru, and a whole lot more. And most importantly for Constant Smiles, he’s got some fire taste in music.

These three bounce off each other in a hugely entertaining and inspiring episode – it’s a certified classic! It gets deep at points, with Scott opening up about his mistakes and failures, the sharp learning curve of being a good dad, and how he hasn’t always been as fit as he is.

There’s also a lot of laughs and light bulb moments! People would normally pay for advice from a business icon like Scott… you get it all for free on this episode of Constant Smiles!

In this episode, find out about:

  • Scott’s favourite old school jam and new artist
  • What self-care looks like in a hard hustling lifestyle
  • Who and what has inspired Scott in his life and career
  • What failure has looked like for Scott – and what he’s learned from it
  • Scott’s advice to future CEOs and people with big dreams

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