Episode 13

Published on:

10th Mar 2021

How to Stick to What You Believe In with Elec Simon

How do you stick to your guns and what you believe in? How do you stay true to yourself while battling your demons?  

In this episode of Constant Smiles, Dr. Rich Constantine and Elijah Desmond are joined by Elec Simon for a raw and honest talk about believing in yourself.

Elec Simon is a born entertainer, percussionist, emcee, and motivational speaker who inspires aspiring and established musicians of all ages.

He’s a former cast member of the Broadway show “STOMP” and a member of the world-renowned jazz group “Pieces of a Dream.” Elec is also part of the “The Cleveland Cavaliers 216 Stix”, a group of talented percussionists who use anything from buckets to trashcans to create a show-stopping rhythm for the NBA.

Elec talks about how to stick to what you believe, build positive relationships, and share love and kindness with others. He shares his own struggles with mental health and why we can’t compare one person’s struggles with another’s.

Listen to this episode to hear Elec’s many mic-drop moments and raw truths.

In this episode, find out:

  • Why it’s so important to believe in what you’re doing
  • How to stop second guessing yourself and stay motivated
  • Elec’s approach to mental health challenges 
  • Why it’s unfair to compare people and their individual struggles
  • How Elec focuses on love and kindness in the world
  • What Elec’s top dental tool is
  • Elec shares who he thinks would make a great Constant Smiles guest.

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