Episode 14

Published on:

24th Mar 2021

How to Stay Positive and Present with Orlando Bowen

How can you stay positive even when things get tough? The key is to always remain present.

In this episode of Constant Smiles, Dr. Rich Constantine and Elijah Desmond are joined by Orlando Bowen to talk all about positivity.

Orlando Bowen is a keynote speaker whose mission is to inspire people to be GameChangers in the lives of others. He is a former pro football player whose career was cut short due to an assault by two armed men, one of whom was charged and sentenced to multiple years in prison. As a sign of his character, Orlando publicly forgave his attackers. He now works to inspire people to see the humanity in each other and then to stand for that humanity.

Orlando shares his inspiring story of forgiveness and overcoming trauma by focusing on the present. He says that “forgiveness is a high-performance tool” and encourages people to let go of the past and focus on what they can do right now.

Listen to this episode for Orlando’s inspiring words and tips for remaining positive.

In this episode, find out:

  • How Orlando got to where he is today
  • Orlando’s mantra for letting go of the past
  • How COVID has affected Orlando’s work-life-family balance
  • How Orlando sets his day up for success
  • Orlando’s number one piece of advice
  • What Orlando’s top dental tool is
  • Orlando shares who he thinks would make a great Constant Smiles guest 

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