Episode 12

Published on:

24th Feb 2021

How to Commit to Personal Growth with Carlin Isles

What does it take to achieve your dreams? How can you bypass the doubts in your mind and stay on the right path? It’s a challenge most of us come up against at some point in our lives.

In this episode of Constant Smiles, Dr. Rich Constantine and Elijah Desmond speak with Carlin Isles about achieving your dreams, keeping your mind focused and your eyes on the prize.

An Ohio native, Carlin Isles, is the fastest rugby player in the world, a 2016 USA Olympian, certified life coach, ex NFL player, and a pro sprinter. Among other things, he is a Fabletics ambassador and a Red Bull athlete.

Carlin shares his unique and inspiring way of looking at the world. He explains the importance of understanding your subconscious mind and how it affects behavior. He also gives his tips for staying on track, believing in yourself, and creating positive daily habits.

Listen to this episode to see how Carlin got to where he is now, what drives him and how he stays positive.

In this episode, find out:

  • How keeping the dream alive has been one of Carlin’s biggest challenges
  • The importance of believing in yourself and being true to yourself
  • What advice Carlin would give to young people trying to succeed in sports
  • Carlin’s philosophy on the subconscious mind
  • How Carlin maintains positive habits every day
  • Carlin’s top stress relief outlets
  • Carlin reveals what his must-have dental tool is
  • Carlin shares who he thinks would make a great Constant Smiles guest in the future.

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