Episode 1

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16th Oct 2019

Getting to Know Your Hosts - Dr. Rich Constantine

Whether you’re a practice owner, associate or a front office team member, there’s quite a lot of stress and pressure that comes with working in the dental industry. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun every once in a while, which is why we’ve created Constant Smiles to help you relax, enjoy and just, well…smile!

Constant Smiles is a video and podcast series that aims to get you listening, learning and laughing as co-hosts, Dr. Rich Constantine, Elijah Desmond and their special guests share lessons, stories, jokes and music to bring you ‘Constant Smiles.’

In this first episode, we thought we’d take the opportunity to get to know one of the hosts of the show, Dr. Rich Constantine, a little better. Listen in to discover where Dr. Rich grew up, why he decided to pursue a career in dentistry, the journey that led him to open his own practice in South Carolina and of course, how his viral ‘dancing dentist’ video went viral.

Find out about:

  • What Dr. Rich’s favorite old school song is and some of the great memories it brings to mind for him
  • Where he grew up and a few stories from his past
  • What inspired him to pursue dentistry
  • How he went from being an associate to opening his own dental practice
  • How Dr. Rich stays fit and healthy
  • The story behind Dr. Rich’s viral ‘dancing dentist’ video
  • An insight into the Smile on Cancer foundation and how it’s going to help people struggling with cancer

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About the Podcast

Constant Smiles
A video podcast focused on lifestyle and dentistry!
What if the true measure of success was happiness, and that stress was just an illusion?

Join Dr. Rich Constantine, Elijah Desmond and a myriad of interesting and inspiring guests as they share some of the daily practices they use to help them succeed in all facets of life.

Listen, laugh, and learn as co-hosts Rich and Elijah, and their guests, share their favorite stories, jokes and music to bring you “Constant Smiles".

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